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We work with clients all over the world that require assistance with the organisation,
classification, clean-up and labeling of data.

Welcome To Enlabeler

Your No. 1 data labeling solution. We offer state of the art data services whilst creating jobs and enabling expert teams of labelers, annotators, developers and data professionals.

Our Services

Image & Video

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Social Media Classification & Analysis 

Form & Text

Dataset Creation
& Bots

Cloud Integration & Platform Development

Our Partners

Enlabeler invites partnerships with government bodies, youth development organizations and AI companies who share our vision of an AI ready Africa.

ML specialists with expertise across the data value chain

We are a team of world class data professionals & software engineers who thrive on building new tools and creating value for our clients.

We work hand in hand with data scientists to ensure the highest quality output.


Why Choose Enlabeler?

Mobile First

Remote-friendly and data-light mobile platform


Integration with cloud providers for total data flow optimization


Expert level of AI/ML and data science


Globally competitive pricing